KorTech is a full-service IT consultant. We architect, design, implement and deploy solutions across a broad spectrum of application domains.


KorTech has expertise in .Net software development and Microsoft SQL Server database technology. Our solutions are based on those development environments.

Areas of Specialization

  • Architecture Evaluation and Recommendation

    We perform in-depth analyses of current or proposed systems. We evaluate such things as system robustness, performance, and sustainability. This can lead to recommendations for improvements and a work proposal.

  • System Design, Implementation, and Deployment

    We design custom solutions to meet your needs and follow-through with full implementation, deployment, and on-going maintenance.

Partial List of Clients and Projects

City of Ceres, California

KorTech was selected in 2010 to to supply a web portal for the City of Ceres, California to provide their water customers with usage information. This project became the first installation of KorTech's WaterSight product.

This product now supports nearly 12,000 water meters and enables water customers to track their water usage to the hour, compare it against their usage target, and receive timely leak alerts and usage reports.

Learn more about WaterSight here.

WaterSight at Ceres

Typical customer view of monthly water usage for 3 meters

Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Palo Alto, California

KorTech has been working with PAMF since 2002 on the design and development of a variety of web-based products to present clinical and administrative metric data to physicians and managers. KorTech developed a CASE tool to populate Excel workbooks with sophisticated graphs and tables and distribute them company-wide. We also developed several web portals to enable users to find and display statistical data in pleasing formats. Most recently, we developed a system for producing and emailing performance dashboards to physicians and managers.

Physician Dashboard

Typical dashboard chart that is emailed to physicians on a monthly basis

Redwood City, California

KorTech is the sole IT consultant to the City of Redwood City in the development of its Water Use Allocation Program. Since 2001, KorTech has led the design and development of this sophisticated system that calculates daily water budgets for the City's 25,000 customers. A web portal provides customers with up-to-the-minute information about their water usage, comparing it to their water budget. Water budgets are calculated daily based on a number of factors such as the number of occupants at the property, amount of irrigated land, and real-time weather data.

Redwood City's Water Allocation Program

Typical view of yearly water usage vs. budget range

Lockheed Martin, Sunnyvale, California

KorTech provided consulting services to Lockheed Martin and its subsidiary business units from 1997 to 2003. KorTech consulted on Lockheed Martin's enterprise architecture, data warehousing, software development, and project management.


Partial view of web-based CASE tool developed by KorTech